The new INVENTOR series has a thematic approach with multi model capabilities, featuring an impressive main model. A new library of patent-pending ® components has been added to the ENGINO system which enhances both aesthetics and technical features. These parts include high-precession wheels, mechanisms and snap-fit curved surfaces. The smaller sets in the series are suitable for 7 year olds, while older children are challenged with the bigger sets which also include a geared motor. The top of range steps-up the complexity with Robotics technology, Bluetooth connectivity and software control.

"race car" with 10 bonus models

€49.99 EUR

"offroader" with 10 bonus models

€69.99 EUR

"double-blade helicopter" with 10 bonus models

€79.99 EUR

"4-wheeled extreme bike" with 10 bonus models

€59.99 EUR