Inventor Motorized Models 120-in-1
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    Inventor Motorized Models 120-in-1

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      For ages 6-12

      Warning: This product contains small parts which could be swallowed. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old.


      Motorized Models 120-in-1

      Young inventors won’t ever run out of things to build with our mega Motorized Models 120-in-1 engineering kit, the ultimate engineering adventure for young learners looking to take their next steps in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). This activity-packed, multi-model building set includes print and online instructions to build up to 120 different awesome models young inventors can bring to life with a 3V motor—from industrial machines and land, air and sea vehicles to bridges, buildings, electronic devices and animals! Now featuring instructions for popular amusement park rides.


      Inventor Series

      Our popular Inventor Series was specially designed to guide curious young learners on their first steps up the ladder of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) discovery. Each Inventor building set is a theme-based engineering adventure where kids learn critical STEM skills like how to think and build in 3D space and how to find creative solutions to real-world engineering problems.


      Key Features

      • Patented snap-fit connectivity and multidirectional pivots let children build in any direction and at any angle
      • Battery-operated 3V motor with dual rotating direction switch brings constructions to life
      • 273 sturdy plastic parts laboratory-tested for heavy use
      • Fully compatible with all Engino products for hours of freestyle creative play
      • Build up to 120 working models with extra online instructions
      • Easy-to-follow building instructions make assembly fun and quick
      • Extraction tool for super-fast taking apart
      • Interactive 3D building app for desktop lets children build in virtual space
      • Environmentally friendly, toxin-free plastic is made to last, guaranteeing years of play

      Need some inspiration? Use our interactive 3D building app on your desktop and discover a totally new way to build your favourite Engino models.


      Finished building? Find instructions to build 116 more awesome models online! 

      Engino STEM toys were designed as a comprehensive STEM solution for use both at home and in the classroom. For more information about our learning system, click here.


      Product Safety & Conformity

      This product complies with applicable children’s product standards and safety rules. 



      Weight:          1.33 kg

      Length:           49.00 cm

      Width:            6.90 cm

      Height:           37.00 cm


      Suitable for Home Education
      3D Builder
      Warranty: 3 years
      Warning: small parts. This product is not suitable for ages below 3.