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      STEM & Robotics Produino/High school (14+)

      Students and hobbyists ages 14+ with advanced programming knowledge can test their robotics design and coding skills to the limit using the Arduino Open Source Platform. Set up circuits with your own onboard breadboard or experiment with up to 5 ready-made sensors. If you’re using STEM & Robotics Produino in a classroom, our curriculum-ready kits come with everything you need to start teaching today: parts, structured lesson plans, fun activities, drag-and-drop software and a 3D building app that lets students test their robots in virtual reality!

      Advanced Robotics + STEM

      STEM and Robotics Produino classroom kits are more than hours of robotics fun. They’re a complete learning system designed to help high school students with a background in robotics development and deepen core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) principles creatively and intuitively. With STEM & Robotics Produino, your students will learn how to:

      • build and think in 3D space

      • create complex mechanical structures

      • master programming skills, including parallel programming and synchronous tasks

      • work on the Arduino Open Source platform

      • code expertly in C and C++ and view in Python

      • explore advanced and mechanical engineering principles 

      • take key STEM skills to the next level

      • follow complex instructions

      • work together in groups


      Our STEM and Robotics Pro kits are perfect for groups of 2-3 students.


      Flexible classroom

      Teachers can use our STEM building sets to add an extra dimension of creativity to existing lesson plans or to build an entire curriculum. We give you all the teaching resources you need to bring your STEM classroom adventure to life with hardly any prep time at all.


      Your STEM and Robotics Produino kit will give you access to:

      • 32 structured, story-based lesson plans with teacher guidelines, DIY experiments and open project ideas

      • a full-color teacher’s handbook filled with theory, facts, historical background, real-life applications, definitions and math formulas

      • print and online building instructions

      • a model library with instructions to build and experiment with up to 34 different models


      KEIRO™ programming software

      Younger learners used to programming robots manually via onboard buttons will find our easy-to-master KEIRO™ software with its built-in simulator and beginner coding language a comfortable next step. Designed to match the simplicity of MIT’s Scratch interface, KEIRO™ lets more advanced programmers edit easily and add complex functions using flow diagrams and Arduino IDE technology. KEIRO™ software is fully compatible with smart devices via Bluetooth or a USB connection and runs on all major operating systems (Windows, macOS and Linux.)


      Build in a CAD environment

      Building in 3D space takes hands-on modeling to the next level. Young learners can design, zoom in on, rotate, assemble and disassemble models, while familiarizing themselves with CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software.


      Key Features


      • Patented snap-fit connectivity and multidirectional pivots let advanced learners build in any direction and at any angle
      • 406 shiny, colourful Engino parts with 1,990 connecting points
      • 2 DC motors and 1 Servo motor with RJ connector
      • 2 IR (infrared) sensors, 1 touch sensor, 1 ultrasonic sensor and 1 colour sensor included
      • Compass/magnetometer
      • Onboard breadboard to apply electronic circuits
      • Rechargeable battery
      • Produino controller with 7 input-output ports
      • Arduino Open Source platform-ready
      • Monochrome 128x64 display
      • Onboard membrane buttons for manual programming
      • USB, Bluetooth and wifi connectivity
      • Quick assembly and disassembly
      • Plastic storage container with built-in pockets for organizing parts
      • Fully compatible with all Engino products for hours of freestyle creative play

      • Easy-to-follow building instructions make assembly fun and quick

      • Interactive 3D building app for desktop lets kids build in virtual space

      • Environmentally friendly, toxin-free plastic is made to last, guaranteeing years of play

        Warning: Contains small parts which could be swallowed. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
      Suitable for Home Education
      3D Builder
      Warranty: 3 years
      Warning: small parts. This product is not suitable for ages below 3.