Sea Adventures
Sea Adventures
Sea Adventures
Sea Adventures
Sea Adventures
Sea Adventures
Sea Adventures
Sea Adventures
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    Sea Adventures

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      For ages 3-7


      Warning: This product contains small parts which could be swallowed. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old.  


      Sea Adventures


      Little learners explore the exciting world of deep-sea travel by taking a voyage with Sammy the Cruise Ship. Along the way, they’ll meet and build: a discus fish, a submarine, the Ancient Greek “Argo” captained by King Jason, a Spanish galleon, and an anchor.


      Our Sea Adventures building set is a storytelling adventure where little learners discover different ways to travel around the while developing key STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills like hand-eye coordination, spatial thinking and creativity.

      When they’re done experimenting, kids can take off their hard hats and pick up their crayons and decorate their very own snap-on skins for their boats.


      Plus, kids get:

      • a full-colour booklet with the story
      • unusual facts about ships and ocean life
      • creative art activities like connect-the-dots, colouring and mazes
      • a fun matching and counting exercises
      • super easy-to-follow building instructions for little hands and growing minds


      Need some inspiration? Use our interactive 3D building app on your desktop and build your ships in virtual reality!


      Engino STEAM toys are complete STEAM learning tools designed to prepare young learners for a lifetime of scientific discovery. For more information about our learning system, click here.

      Product Safety & Conformity

      This product complies with applicable children’s product standards and safety rules. 


      Weight:          0.48 kg

      Length:           23.00 cm

      Width:            29.60 cm

      Height:           5.60 cm


      Suitable for Home Education
      3D Builder
      Warranty: 3 years
      Warning: small parts. This product is not suitable for ages below 3 unless indicated otherwise.