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      Safari Park/For ages 8-14+

      Young adventurers learn everything there is to know about safaris by building three African animals from scratch: the steppe eagle, a baby gorilla and a baby elephant!


      This STEM Heroes building set includes:
      • a color booklet with a history of safaris

      • famous safari destinations and safari types

      • print instructions to build 3 easy-to-make models

      • online experiments to take new skills to the next level

      • a fun quiz to help kids remember what they’ve learned
      Key Features
      • Patented snap-fit connectivity and multidirectional pivots let children build in any direction and at any angle
      • Fully compatible with all Engino products for hours of freestyle creative play
      • Build up to 3 models with extra online instructions

      • Easy-to-follow building instructions make assembly fun and quick
      • Extraction tool for super fast taking apart
      • Interactive 3D building app for desktop lets kids build in virtual space

      • Environmentally friendly, toxin-free plastic is made to last, guaranteeing years of play

      Need some inspiration? Use our interactive 3D building app  on your desktop and discover a totally new way to build your favorite Engino models.

      Finished building? Find one more awesome model online! 

      Engino STEM toys were designed as a comprehensive STEM solution for use both at home and in the classroom. For more information about our learning system, click here.

      Warning: This product contains small parts which could be swallowed. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old.

      Suitable for Home Education
      3D Builder
      Warranty: 3 years
      Warning: small parts. This product is not suitable for ages below 3.