For ages 12+

GinoBot™ Premium Edition

€299.99 EUR

STEM & Robotics Produino

€599.99 EUR

STEM Solar Power complete set (in carton box including engino parts Solar Panel + Motor)

€71.99 EUR


€149.99 EUR

STEM Mechanics Master Set (in plastic tub, including the subjects of Simple Machines, Structures and Newton's laws)

€167.99 EUR

GINOBOT Advanced Edition (with ultrasound and rechargeable battery and PCB adaptor plate - in carton box)

€215.99 EUR

Open Projects STEM Set

€275.99 EUR

STEM & Robotics Produino with rechargeable battery

€635.99 EUR

DIY Wood Connectors for Makerspace

€21.59 EUR

STEM SIMPLE MACHINES SET (in carton box, including the subjects of Levers & Linkages, Wheels & Axles, Pulleys, Cams & Cranks, Gears & Worm Drives)

€47.99 EUR

GinoBot™ Mechatronics Add-on

€119.99 EUR

GINOBOT Basic Edition with ultrasound (without rechargeable battery- in carton box)

€179.99 EUR

Add-on Electronics DIY for Produino (E40)

€23.99 EUR

GINOBOT Upgrade (from Basic to Advanced Edition)

€29.99 EUR