How to Keep the Fun and Learning Going This Holiday Season: 5 Festive Ideas for Your Kids!

Holiday seasons are a blast! It's a time for celebration, playing games, and indulging in endless treats. But let's face it, it's also the season where your kid's brain goes on vacation, and they forget everything they've learned in school. So, how do we keep those wheels turning? By keeping our little ones engaged in fun and festive activities!

Don't worry; Coming up with fun things to do for your kids doesn’t have to be a marathon! Keep reading to choose the activity that fits best to you.

Who knew learning could be so much fun? Educational board games are a classic favorite, but for those high-energy kids, why not switch it up with a nature scavenger hunt? They'll love identifying specific items while getting their exercise in! It's important to keep those young minds engaged as they can lose up to two months of reading and math skills during a long holiday break!

Let's get crafty! For those budding designers who love putting things together, why not set up a craft station? And to make things even more exciting, challenge them to create a project as a solution to a problem. It's just like a Makerspace Program, where we encourage an Open-project- based learning. Who knows, your little ones might surprise you with their innovative solutions!

What's better than quality family time? Get everyone involved by organizing family outings or game nights! Not only does it encourage communication and teamwork among family members, but it's also a great way to bond and make memories that will last a lifetime. So, gather 'round and let the good times roll!

The holiday season is the perfect time to try something new! While school is out, holiday programs offer a chance for children to explore experiences they might not have encountered otherwise. From learning about new cultures to picking up new skills, the possibilities are endless. These programs can broaden children's horizons and inspire them to develop new interests. Why not take your kids on a virtual museum tour or sign them up for an online coding class? Who knows, they might discover a new passion that could shape their future!

Let's empower our kids with new skills that will help them become self-sufficient! Whether it's learning new recipes or participating in sports programs, there are endless opportunities for growth. Why not teach them how to cook their favorite meal, plant a garden, or build a birdhouse? These practical skills not only boost confidence but also provide a sense of accomplishment. And for those extra adventurous kids, encourage them to plan a family day trip or start a small business selling crafts or homemade treats. Who knows, they might have a knack for entrepreneurship!

Engino's Easter STEM Play-days can also help children build independence and problem-solving skills by solving and designing challenges on their own.
Keeping children engaged and productive during the holidays has numerous benefits. With the resources available, parents can encourage their children to engage in fun, educational, and beneficial activities.