How can Engino Toys help inspire future Engineers become the Inventors of tomorrow?

There’s certainly no denying that technology plays a huge role in all our lives and will no doubt increasingly continue to do so. It is these high-tech skills that STEM education promotes, that will help create the world’s future scientists, inventors, and engineers!

Proven by academics that Engino helps children develop their analytical and creative skills, whilst acquiring significant knowledge in subjects of technology and physics, here’s how to help your children take their first steps in the world of STEM with the most playful and fun way!

  • It just takes that first spark to ignite a future wish

Children today know what they want, and what interests them. By using Engino toys, you can stimulate their active imaginations and spark interests that could lead them to amazing careers and future endeavours!

Children these days grow up taking technology almost for granted, so it’s never too soon to introduce them to the methods, the technology, and theory behind the gadgets they are so familiar with. For them, technology has always been around, so it’s no surprise that many young people have a keen interest in understanding how things work and want to get involved in creating technological projects of their own.

  • Engino is for everyone

Whether working alone or on a group project, Engino has the perfect set to inspire and entertain young minds. Engino is like no other system, combining the core subjects of STEM education to so many aspects of technology, from computer science to robotics and architectural engineering.

There are kits specifically designed to teach, through hands-on learning, the fundamentals of solar power, hydraulics, buoyant forces, and anything your children have been asking questions on!

Perfect for all skill levels, everyone can feel involved and play their part in the creation of something amazing!

  • Perfect for family time

Engino is so much fun for all age groups, and you’ll find plenty of adults wanting to have a go too! Families can play together with Engino, solving problems, programming robots, building bigger models, or creating replicas of the world’s most recognised and celebrated architectural structures, like the Eiffel Tower! Learning through play is the best way to learn, and you’ll certainly have fun with an Engino set. 


  • There’s no stopping you – get creative!

Creativity has no limits when playing with the Engino system. Unlike other construction toys, Engino is a long-lasting and fun toy, for children can constantly re-imagine and build different models, discovering new capabilities and coming up with different models!

With a little imagination, you could make a fully operational robot, a motorised race car or a spinning helicopter. Build together and learn valuable teamwork skills, understand the intricacies of your project and if something doesn’t go the way you expect, you adapt and learn, just as an engineer or a software developer would in real life. Different ideas come together, to be tried out until…. success! That amazing moment when the project is complete and even the youngest of children can enjoy that feeling of satisfaction at the final outcome, inspiring all to have another go, to make something bigger and even greater the next time round!  

  • Inspire your children with Engino today

Why not help your children think out of the box and open up the wondrousworldof science and technology with their very own Engino set? With a comprehensive range of sets, catering to all age groups, you’ll find the perfect one available at the Engino e-shop, with worldwide shipping!

So, browse through our extensive collection and boost your child’s education through the most fun and enjoyable way! Creating the world-changers of tomorrow, you could be setting them on a path to a very bright future!