Benefits of Engino STEM Toys and Camps

Have you ever heard of STEM before? It stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. With schools applying a more STEM based approach on their teachings, a more interdisciplinary approach that focuses on connecting these subjects to one another.
Engino STEM Toys and STEM camps benefits

Engino has been at the vanguard of STEM through science and engineering-based toys that heighten what children learn in class. We could not have emphasized that further! We’ve named our company “Engino” deriving from our innate human characteristic, Engineering and “To Engineer is Human” as Philip Asare once said!
The past 5 years have been crucial for STEM’s growth and we are happy to have embraced this learning methodology since our inception 16 years ago!
We always find unique ways to convey our message through Science and Engineering, which are of at most importance in the 21st century.
With programs that combine social skills with science children get to have an amazingly fun experience while setting them up to a wider range of opportunities, using STEM knowledge that will help them for life.
Developing Problem-Solving and Engineering Skills
Succeeding in STEM, is all about learning the correct way to solve a problem. Engino STEM sets and programs teach these methods to children 3+ up to 14+. Starting from an early age is always advised, to acquire a solid scientific principles foundation by the time they reach high school.
At Engino Camps children get to develop their STEM and problem-solving skills through:
  • Daily activities: Campers undertake a variety of lessons daily, tinker with fun domains such as Solar Energy and robotics while using the award winning Engino building system that stimulates different parts of the brain.
  • Team Spirit: Kids learn that working together to solve a problem is always helpful in life! A method they will appreciate, especially in high school.
  • Kids are hooked: Kids love to problem solve as long as it feels enjoyable. The selected environment and its amenities (Rodon Mount Hotel) invite them to relax and keeps problem-solving fun and creative!
Building Engineering and Social Skills
STEM camps and summer schools for kids nurture social skills as well as Engineering skills! Being surrounded by other children provides the strength kids need to get out of their comfort zone and make new friends.

As little learners cooperate with one another on the search of scientific discovery through experiments and building challenges or through dance competitions, sports, and other activities they tend to bond so fast! Plus sharing your findings and results on experiments has helped shy kids to open and relieve tension!
Learning through play and asking why is what is all about!