8 ways STEM toys can improve teaching and learning

Children learn more when they’re having fun, so it’s important that modern teaching techniques must be engaging for those inquisitive young minds!

1. Interactivity

Concepts are so much better understood when we can see them in action for ourselves, and so by using interactive toys such as ENGINO, ideas can easily transform and become a reality. Kids can get involved with hands-on activities with the construction and programming of different STEM models and be active and involved in the process of learning, rather than sitting passively listening to the teacher. Young minds can explore, develop, and make their own choices, examining results whilst making assessments and adjustments. 

2. Enhances activities and understanding

This hands-on approach, and the versatility of the ENGINO building system helps break knowledge into tangible pieces, making it more digestible and accessible to young developing minds. From an initial idea presented by the teacher, or a stimulus prompted by a questioning student, this idea is then made reality by the children themselves. In so many aspects of education, problem-solving real-life scenarios is incredibly beneficial to make sense of the theory and the wonders of the world.

3. Encouraging critical thinking

These days, learning is much more than just memorising facts, figures, and dates. Skills are learnt in schools that are valuable throughout life, and critical thinking skills are so important. STEM toys provide the opportunity to assess a problem and look at different ways to solve it, implementing these solutions and critically assessing whether the solution is sufficient or whether it’s best to try a different approach. 

4. Perfect for collaborative work

Learning to work as a team is a great skill for children. With ENGINO children will work together to come up with ideas for their project then have fun making their ideas a reality, together. With various aspects to work on, such as designing, building, and coding, each child can provide valuable input and play their part in the overall project.

5. Relating to the real world

Our Stem Heroes series is designed to help students solve problems that relate to the real world, thus putting STEM education into perspective. Technological solutions, such as programming robots to complete a task, is relatable for children, and provide skills that are highly valued in our modern world.

6. Everyone can get involved

Diversity of thought and perspective is important in all aspects of life, that’s why Engino makes robotics and programming accessible to all teachers and students, allowing for multi-level assembly.

By allocating different tasks to different teams, and by engaging the entire class, encouraging everyone’s involvement, you’ll see their gears turning, whilst trying to solve a plethora of questions, via a prism of both personal and collaborative thinking

7. So much fun

Interactive lesson plans are always more exciting! The kids are learning, but they’re also having fun, learning through play. STEM toys allow children to be creative and express their thoughts and ideas. From functionality to style, there are so many ways in which ENGINO brings fun into the classroom.

8. Improve problem-solving skills

In life, we come across many problems we must assess and develop ways of overcoming them. Problem-solving is a skill that can be taught and enhanced in the classroom, forming the basis for overcoming future problems in everyday life and the workplace.

Encouraging kids to think for themselves and develop their ideas and concepts is of vital importance! Learning to form theories, test ideas, see where they shortfall are then adapting them until a successful solution is reached is so affirming for the children, and wonderful to observe as a teacher!

Discover more STEM toys for the classroom with ENGINO

STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. ENGINO offers a wide range of educational toys, fit for all age groups and class sizes, that will bring your classroom to life!

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